'92 Peugeot St Gothard

Let's meet my first vintage/retro bike project: a Peugeot St Gothard (codename P100S).

I inherited this bike a few years ago (it has a huge sentimental value) and it has been laying in a corner of my workshop until last July. The bike my partner wanted to buy was still out of stock (a Riverside 900 from Decathlon), with no clear delivery date, my regular bike (a Trek DS2) was not getting much use, and the rainy weather was compromising any chance of going hiking.

The time to start my first bike project and make the old Peugeot road-worthy again had finally come!

Thanks to BikeBoomPeugeot I was able to get the bike specs from the original '92 Peugeot road bike brochure and get started. Very quickly what I envisioned as hours of (relatively) simple bike wrenching became (countless) hours of discovering how bike standards had evolved (or not) over the past 30 years.

I decided last night that this could be a good topic for a blog, and here we are, ready to spend (countless) hours writing about bikes standard and the upgrades the old Peugeot will get (or not)!

Next episode: Basic revision & first drive!